How To: Pack a Doll

I did a quick guide in Instagram stories a while back on safe packing practices. Folks seemed to love it, so here is a more permanent version. I’m explaining using the way I pack to send dolls home, so obviously if you are sending an unpainted doll, some steps can be skipped.

Supplies I use when packing a commission to return home

When packing a doll, I include:

  1. Anything that came from the client: it helps if you include a note with everything you sent listed.
  2. My card and postcard/sticker gift.
  3. Head protector if the client sent one (I do not stock them)

My Packing Materials:

  1. Tissue to protect doll head from rubbing against plastic.
  2. Bubblewrap
  3. Paper/Masking tape (it can be removed cleanly from bubblewrap if you are careful)
  4. Packing tape for box
  5. Fragile stickers (packages with these usually get treated better)
tissue + bubble wrap to prevent rubbing

Wrapping layer 1: Tissue + bubblewrap + face protector if included (note, many things can be substituted for face protectors: some clients make their own out of pieces of foam or plastic cups.

I also wrap painted parts like hands/feet in tissue and then in bubblewrap.

extra layer of bubble wrap around head, wrapped firmly with paper tape

Mummy Wrap! The whole head gets wrapped thoroughly and taped in a cross pattern with paper/masking tape.

After this, you simply make sure there is plenty of padding around all sides of the box, and that your box is sturdy.