Price & Service List

Please use this list for quote reference prior to requesting a slot. After reviewing your form, I will create a custom listing with your username here and provide a link in the confirmation email.

Note: I am a faceup artist. Additional services like part blushing, mods, etc, are only available with the purchase of a faceup.

I do not currently offer full body blushing. I do not repaint fashion dolls on commission.

There is no extra charge for freckles, 5 o’clock shadow, shimmer, metallic pigments, glued-in eyelashes.


  • All sizes Resin and vinyl BJD up to 1:3 Faceup $150
  • Extra-Large heads (Lusion/Trinity) $180+
  • Blythe or Pullip faceup $175 (note: no preview images for these dolls due to the inability to put them together mid-way)
  • Feet or Hands $35-75 per pair depending on size and complexity (jointed parts, scarring, etc add to cost)
  • Chest/Torso Parts Start at $65
  • Extra Fantasy parts (ears, horns) $35+


  • Sleeping Eye Opening $65
  • Romantic Eye opening (if the eye is already partly open) $45
  • Drilled Ear Piercing (up to 4 holes) $35
  • Nose/Ear Sanding and reshaping $55
  • Elf/Demon Ear addition $75

Maintenance & Repairs

  • Remove old Faceup $15
  • Remove old Manicure/Pedicure $10 per pair
  • Refinishing (scratches, serious stains, glue: please honestly inspect your doll) $25-$50
  • Some small repairs (epoxy fills, broken parts, heavy refinishing etc) $30-$75

Examples of dolls that need cleaning and/or refinishing

Special Effects & Designs

  • Some tattoos/designs $35+ (depends on area, complexity, etc)*
  • 3D Scars or Tears $25+
  • Resin Matching $35 ( include a photo of the parts side by side in your references)
  • Facial hair, baby hairs, painted hair $50-$75
  • Wrinkles $20
  • Crystals/glued jewelry $15-$35
  • Custom jewelry design for pierced ears $20+ (depends on complexity and materials)
  • Vitiligo on any resin color $65
  • Handpainted Custom Metallic Eyelashes $5 (no extra charge for any color base eyelash)
  • Individually Glued Lashes $20

*I don’t do portrait tattoos, traditional family designs from other cultures, or any specific gang tattoos.

Plastic Face Shield

  • $6 all sizes


Handling calculated at checkout as part of base rate priority covers my stock costs for shipping materials and supplies and is adjusted every January in accordance with USPS scheduled increases.

Sales Tax is calculated automatically in accordance with your state’s laws. I have no control or input on tax collection and remittance.