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Please Read Service Info Before Submitting

This form is for submitting requests for a custom order; it is not for reserving spots so that you can come back later with details on the request. Your form must be complete to be considered! Make a moodboard and use the share feature for references (or use your own Pinterest account and make a public board). I nee to be able to see your references in one place.

Please Note: Order periods may close early if I receive a high volume of requests. Thanks for your understanding. If you’re outside the US or Canada, feel free to shoot me a message to talk about the shipping situation.



  • If you have a very specific idea in mind, you must be clear and organized in your description and in your references.
  • If your description is vague, I will assume you want to leave the details up to me.
  • I also ask that you be a bit flexible. Sometimes something a little different than you expect will give the best effect on your particular doll.


You can send up to 5 dolls.


Give the total amount you paid for all parts originally. This is for insurance.

Cleaning & Repairs

Leave notes on cleaning or repairs in the additional notes field.

If you’re unsure wether or not your doll needs cleaning or refinishing, see these examples. If the doll is not 100% completely clean, it needs cleaning.


For dolls with previous modifications: please supply a current photo of the doll’s modifications in our references. If further finishing is needed, this will be assessed as part of the cost.

For modification requests, please include example images.


Mood Board Maker

The link above is my favorite moodboard creator. It’s free, simple, and lets you make notes on each image. I highly recommend you use this for your references.

You can also use Pinterest, Imgur, flickr, but please make sure you provide a sharable link. No passwords!

Do not use Instagram/Instagram stories or other social media to share your references. Just take a screenshot if you need to and upload it to an actual hosting site with some organization.

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