Next opening January 2022

Please Read Service Info Before Submitting

Please Note: Order periods may close early if I receive a high volume of requests. Thanks for your understanding. If you’re outside the US or Canada, feel free to shoot me a message to talk about the shipping situation.

Faceup Styles

These styles show my work with different areas of emphasis. If you ask for a glam look, makeup will be the focus. If you ask for bare face, texture will be the focus, etc.

Bare Face

Organic shading and texture with absolutely no makeup; any colors possible, tattoos, piercings, and scarring are welcome!


For dolls from another reality: fantasy, sci-fi, and abstract conceptual themes. .


Makeup-first looks from classic pinup to gothic glamour, to k-pop idol, to high camp drag.


Grounded Decadence. Wondering if you can pull off runic tattoos AND glowing skin? This is the option. It’s everything good about the other styles, wrapped up in a finely textured and luminous package for a doll that feels both magical and like a real person.


Right click and open in new tab to enlarge. Blond Out of Stock

If you have a very specific idea in mind, you must be clear and organized in your description and in your references. If your description is vague, I will assume you want to leave the details up to me.

Each client can send up to five dolls. You can leave any numbers you aren’t sending blank (so if you’re sending two dolls, fill out info for 1 & 2 and ignore the others).

Please be sure to give the actual total value of all parts combined so that I can insure them. This amount must match your documented proof of purchase/s.

For cleaning and repairs, just leave any specific notes in the additional notes field. If you’re unsure wether or not your doll needs cleaning or refinishing, see these examples. If the doll is not 100% completely clean, it needs cleaning.

For dolls with previous modifications: please supply a link to a current photo of the doll’s modifications. If further finishing is needed, this will be assessed as part of the cost. Mood Board Maker

This link is for a free and simple online moodboard maker where you can easily upload and label references. The board is private by default, protecting your privacy as well as eliminating copyright issues. Simply use the ‘share’ option to generate a link you can share with me.

You can also use a hosting service of your choice (imgbb, flickr, imgur, pinterest), but you must provide any references with your request in a link with no password protection. Do not use Instagram/Instagram stories or other social media!

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