Terms & Info

The Basics

Process for Request Periods

  1. Request: Submit a completed form on this page when I am open.
  2. Acceptance: I will respond within 72 hours (excluding weekends) with shipping instructions and a link for payment.
  3. Payment: Due upfront unless you’ve sent me more than 3 dolls in the last year and have paid on time for all of them, in which case payment is due upon receipt of final portfolio images.
  4. Shipping: Ship your doll within 7 business days of acceptance. Let me know if there’s a delay.
  5. Receiving: I confirm within 48 hours of getting the package in-hand, no need to message me unless you know for sure something is wrong.
  6. Turnaround: Turnaround averages around 90 working days.
  7. Progress Update: I send one progress update around 50%.
  8. Delays: If there is some reason for delay (storms, illness, etc), I will always post on my instagram (at) komorebi.dolls and send a group email out.


Note: By requesting KomorebiDolls service you agree to be bound by all terms.

Review all info several times before making a request.

Be sure you want my work and agree to all terms.

A request is an agreement to pay should your order be accepted. Ghosting is cause for a ban. Just let me know if you have a genuine emergency.

Understand that I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or to refuse to work on some sculpts or projects. I will let you know if I can’t take the job.

All work is original and in KomorebiDolls style. I do not copy references exactly, modify another artist’s work, allow micromanaging (‘lots of texture’ is fine ‘absolutely no blushing here’ is not) of the process or details, or execute anyone else’s vision. Requesting my services is a request for an original piece of art that will take inspiration from any sources you provide.

If you want a really exact modification, you must provide a reference equally exact. Otherwise I will follow my own discretion. There will no longer be preview images for modifications because it only seems to confuse people.

Small additive changes at 50% are normal and welcome. Please let me know if you’d like a small change (adding colors, adding a small scar, darker brows, etc). After 50% no changes will be accepted.

Requesting extensive changes at any point after your request is accepted is allowed solely at the artist’s discretion. Please fill out your form completely and accurately.

You have 48 hours to respond to progress updates with questions or requests. I will simply assume all is well and continue painting if I don’t hear back from you in a timely manner.

Payment is due (a) when you get your order information or (b) on receipt of final portfolio images. For standing clients using option (b) payment must be made within 72 hours of receiving the images or this privilege will be revoked on future orders.

Cancellation/Requests for refunds after I have received your dolls will be billed a cancellation fee of 20%.

I will not paint your doll faster for more money. All work is completed in the most efficient way possible with no preferential treatment.

If you need to change your address, update it in PayPal AND send me an email.

You must be a legal adult to make a request.

I have high standards for quality but can’t offer or guarantee perfection: small irregularities like tiny dust particles are inevitable.

Regions outside of North America are subject to a 5% service fee.

I do not work on recasts. If you knowingly send me a recast, you will be charged shipping and for the wasted spot.

I own all rights to the information on this site and to my images. Clients are welcome to share from my instagram or to share unedited copies of portfolio shoots, complete with watermark.

Failure to adhere to the terms outlined on this site may result in refusal of future services or other penalties.

Terms are subject to change at my discretion and always exist to ensure that I can provide the best service possible.



• Only the parts I am painting and necessary parts (teeth parts count as part of the head).

• Do not send me a full doll.

• Please include an inventory of what’s in the box and your address and contact info in the box.

Use a sturdy box with enough room for padding. The box should not rattle when shaken. I recommend insurance.


I ship via USPS priority mail with full insurance and signature confirmation on all domestic packages (International Clients: see International section).


You will need proof of purchase as well as the receipt from my shop to file a claim at usps.com. Because you are purchasing a service from me, not goods, you must be able to prove the value of both the doll and of my work. If a parcel arrives clearly damaged, please take photos before opening it; if there is damage internally, this will serve as proof that the damage was due to mishandling. 


Cost includes 2-3% Handling fee to cover supplies and transit, a reasonable amount of re-packaging materials, up to $350 insurance, and signature confirmation domestically and $200 insurance total internationally (many countries limit insurance on incoming parcels; please be aware of the risk). 

*The base rate for one head (or two low-value heads occasionally) is added at checkout; any additional fees (insurance for more heads, extra weight) is added to your custom order total.


• You must provide specific customs/declaration info in your request.

• Clients accept all responsibility for customs and customs fees.

• Your doll will be declared and insured for no less than $200.

• I ship EMS to protect your dolls from unpredictable shipping conditions.

• Please understand the risks and costs associated with sending your dolls outside your own country/continent and be familiar with your own country’s laws and regulations. 

• Shipping & Handling costs range from $60-$90 typically. A small handling surcharge of 2-3% is applied to all shipping costs to cover materials and transit expenses on my end.

• Some countries limit incoming insurance amounts; most are now restricted to $200 insurance. Please understand that there is nothing I can do about this and you must accept the risk for higher value dolls.

• You are welcome to use a shipping service to save shipping fees, but you will need to provide your service/agent’s mailing address at checkout and I cannot help you with delays or trouble with the agent (you must contact them directly).

Materials & Care

All dolls are painted with artist grade and resin-safe watercolor, pastel, acrylic, gouache, and pure mica and mineral pigment. Brands: sennelier, schminke, unison, pan pastel, finetec/coliro, daniel smith, mr hobby, liquitex, m. graham, pearl ex, kolorefx, golden, vallejo varnishes. All pigments have excellent lightfastness.

For longevity, please store and handle your doll carefully. Painted surfaces are never meant to be touched with bare hands. The oil on your hands WILL dissolve all sealants over time. Store away from heat, moisture, light, and surfaces (including other dolls or resin parts or your own manicure) that can scratch or damage its sealant. If you get a bit of dirt on the doll, very gently use a dry magic eraser to remove it. I recommend handling all painted parts with cloth inspection gloves (very affordable and available online).

Sales Tax

All online vendors are now required by law to remit sales tax to the buyer’s state. This is assessed at checkout (my platform is in full compliance with the law) and is based entirely on your state, as mine does not have a sales tax. I never see this money and have nothing whatsoever to do with the collection and remittance process which is handled between the selling software and your state government.